Making bacon better

Bacon is a near-perfect food.  Salty, a hint of sweet, smoky, porky, crunchy, fatty and lean all at once:  how can it get better?  (Besides having magical powers to make it calorie & cholesterol free!)

Well, instead of industrial, supermarket bacon from Smithfield or Oscar Mayer, try out the custom-cured kurobuta bacon from Cochon Butcher.

Kurobuta is the Japanese name for Berkshire breed pigs; no matter the name or the geographic origin, black-and-white Berkshires are delicious.Now make it better times ten:  grill that stellar bacon over hardwood lump charcoal.

THAT’S how you make bacon better.

4 thoughts on “Making bacon better

  1. I think South Louisiana has an opportunity to do something special with Kurobuta. In Kagoshima Prefecture on Kyushu Island, in South Japan, the climate is very similar to South Louisiana and there is an abundance of sweet potatoes. Many of these potatoes are converted to a white liquor called imojyochu (Sweet Potato Shochu) which though not to everyones taste, I find fantastic. It tops out at 20% alcohol so its as drinkable as beer or wine. Kagoshima is also famous for being battered by tropical storms.

    Back to the pork. True Kagoshima Kurobuta pork is finished with a diet of sweet potatoes. I’ve not found sweet potato finished pork in the US. With all of the sweet potatoes, Saint Landry parish would be a great place to a Kurobuta farm.

    • Sounds like a made-for-Louisiana business opportunity. I know that John Besh is raising Berkshire hogs at La Provence in Lacombe (though he sends the pigs to another farm for finishing), but it’s not in the midst of the sweet potato belt.

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