Best reason to go to Domenica

The single best reason to go to Domenica in the renovated Roosevelt Hotel (123 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA):  the pizza!  It’s as close as you’ll get to Naples without a plane ticket.  The margherita is a study in balance and understatement, with luscious mozzerella balanced by sweet, bright tomato and enough fresh basil tucked under the cheese to provide a surprising burst of green, anise lift.  Plus, the damn thing is properly cooked, even charred in spots:  just as it should be.

My friendly waiter took me to the kitchen, where I saw the pizza oven (sorry, no photo).  It’s a bright-red, rotating-deck behemoth, hot enough to cook a pizza in just a few minutes.  If I worked closer to downtown, I’d probably eat Domenica’s pizza for lunch multiple times a week.

Oh, the porchetta panino is worth eating, too.  If only the espresso was better (it tends to be stale).  Why would a restaurant with such attention to decor and food details be so uninspired in the coffee department?  Sources tell me that the beans are Italian imports:  a bad choice, when you’re sitting in the largest coffee port in North America.  Here’s a novel thought:  locally roasted, impeccably fresh beans trump weeks-old imported stuff.

2 thoughts on “Best reason to go to Domenica

  1. I have been wanting to go to get some real pizza at Domenica for a while, being 100% I’m dying for that char taste! Is the pizza only to go or you can eat it there? Is the oven wood fired or not? Do they have their own parking? YUM!!!!

    • Domenica is full-service; you can get the pizza at the bar, at a table in the dining room, or to go from 11 am to 10pm every day. You can even order it to go online:
      The beautiful, red Italian oven is most definitely wood-fired. As for parking, the restaurant is located inside the Roosevelt hotel, which has its own garage across the street (University Place, the opposite side of the hotel’s lobby from Domenica). Try it out and let me know what you think…

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