Wake up, light the grill, cook breakfast

Pork patty breakfast sausage is reason enough to roll out of bed in the morning.  If you can manage to grill it over hardwood lump charcoal, then it’s reason to get up extra early.  The Mini Big Green Egg is perfect for small grilling jobs such as a few sausage patties.  It creates a hot, focused fire in less than 15 minutes, and the 9″ diameter cooking surface is quite close to the charcoal (perfect for searing).

Important safety note:  if you own this Ridgid shop vac, pay attention to the hose connections, as it has separate “vacuum” and “blower” connections.  When attempting to vacuum ash out of your Big Green Egg, do not inadvertently activate the blower function, or you will need to replace your contact lenses due to ash abrasion.  This concludes today’s safety announcement.

3 thoughts on “Wake up, light the grill, cook breakfast

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  2. I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is to read your site. I am really enjoying all of your recipes. I’m tickled to see you are a fan of my friend, Tom, and his Ceramic Grill Store. He makes a quality product – from a quality guy.

    I am giving my brother-in-law (who lives in Metairie) a mini for his birthday next month. That is why I am so interested in your mini cooks. You really have a lot of recipes and techniques for him to try.

    I hope our paths cross someday at an eggfest. If you are ever in Houston (Spring) TX, give us a holler and come for a visit. On the forum we are Spring Hen and Spring Chicken.

    Happy egging….

    • You’re too kind…I’ve seen pics of your outdoor kitchen. That’s one sweet “coop” full of cooking stuff. I have fun with my Mini. In fact, I will cook hanger steak on it tonight. The only fiddly part is making sure you have a 6″ cast iron skillet, 8.5″ baking stones, and other cooking equip to fit the compact 9″ grid.

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