Duck fat and potatoes



My favorite words on a menu:  potatoes fried in duck fat.

At the Green Goddess (307 Exchange Place, New Orleans, LA, 504.301.3347), the potatoes are as thinly sliced as chips, cooked chewy-crisp, and served with aioli and romesco sauces on the side.

The dish wins my vote for best $4 food item in the entire French Quarter…

3 thoughts on “Duck fat and potatoes

  1. I agree that they are a good value at $4. I love being able to get great fried sides at a good price, a la Mahoney’s onion rings.

    But I’m telling you, the $2.99 banh mi at Moon Wok is currently the best overall deal in the Quarter.

  2. It’s like August Moon I think, a Chinese restaurant owned/operated by a Vietnamese person or family. They have pho on the menu to, and it’s ok but nothing to write home about. The banh mi thit is fantastic though.

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