Organ meat poboys

P9240026If your doctor tells you to add more iron to your diet,  run out and order a fried chicken liver poboy with coleslaw at Mahoney’s (3435 Magazine Street, 504.899.3374).  Or how about the livercheese poboy?  Either one will give a nice boost to your iron count.


If Mahoney’s paper-thin onion rings don’t count as a vegetable in your nutritional calculus, choose one of the menu’s four salads.  Yes, a poboy shop with actual salads–who says we live in a nutritional wasteland?

5 thoughts on “Organ meat poboys

  1. The introduction of the half order of onion rings at Mahoney’s was both a blessing and a curse. I probably eat more of them now than when the order was huge.

    As far as the salads go, I was pleasantly surprised by their Caesar dressing and croutons.

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