Pain de campagne calls for a good bread knife

P9130737What sort of bread knife do you use?  I need a new bread knife, as my 15-year-old, serrated slicer from undergraduate days isn’t up to the task of slicing my latest loaf of pain de campagne.  Part of the problem:  it has serrations on only one side of the blade.  I’m a lefty, so my slices are uneven, as the knife dives the wrong way while I cut crusty things.  Online, it’s hard to tell if the knives have serrations on both sides of the blade.  Guess I’ll hit Loubat restaurant supply later this week…

2 thoughts on “Pain de campagne calls for a good bread knife

  1. We are both lefties as well, and we love our Henckels bread knife. But, as I reread your post I ran to the kitchen to look at it, and it is indeed only serrated on one side. That said, we’ve never run into a bread it couldn’t handle with ease.

    • I ended up buying a 10″ Forschner/Victorinox from Loubat for $30…it has a scalloped edge with serrations on one side. BUT, it is mighty sharp. I easily cut paper thin slices, perfectly straight slices from the pain de campagne loaf.

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