Hardee’s introduces the fried bologna biscuit

Fried bologna, egg, and cheese on a biscuit:  Hardee’s bombards the South with a regional menu specialty.  Sorry, no photos, ’cause I couldn’t bring myself to order one.  Yes, I know:  we all ate fried bologna as kids, but that was before we knew about cholesterol.  Since our-beloved-in-the-South bacon went national as a food trend a few years ago, maybe industrial bologna will be the next lowly ingredient picked up by foodie hipsters…

2 thoughts on “Hardee’s introduces the fried bologna biscuit

  1. I love fried baloney sammiches!!! Gotta seek out one of dem biscuits!!! Shame on your for not buying one to at least review…Don’t tease me that way…Hahahahaha!

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