Cupcakes, with self-rising flour

P8290010A bag of White Lily self-rising flour is a kitchen staple at my house.  It’s my favorite for biscuits, but I don’t use it for many other things, except maybe an occasional quickbread.  Made from soft, winter wheat, it is also bleached, making it a good choice for pastry but useless for yeasted breads.

So I was happy to discover that the infamous Magnolia Bakery vanilla cupcakes are made with part self-rising and part all-purpose flour.  Here’s the recipe.  The resulting cupcakes are excellent, with a soft, tight crumb and mellow, buttery flavor:  just as good as you’d expect from the bakery credited with kicking off the cupcake craze.

P8290011I’m curious if the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook or its sequel, More from Magnolia, contain any more recipes using self-rising flour….Amazon’s “look inside” feature doesn’t show many recipes.

I’ll have to hit the library next week.

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