Stuff that couldn’t happen in Louisiana

The New York Times reported on MeMe Roth’s “nutrition crusade” at her kids’ NYC public schools.  File this one under “stuff that couldn’t happen in Louisiana.”  This woman sends her kids to school with spare Tupperware and instructs them to deposit any junk food offered to them into said tubs.  She actually swiped the syrup and sprinkles at a YMCA ice cream party.  She admits that, daily, she doesn’t eat (anything) until she’s exercised, even if she can’t exercise until evening.  She’s horrified by the FunDip (a clear sign of insanity, imho) given out on Valentine’s Day.

I feel sorry for the kids.  Maybe when they reach college age, they’ll apply to Tulane, Loyola, or LSU.  Come on down, poor little kiddos, the land of pork fat and condensed milk snowballs will erase your mother’s neuroses in a month or so.  Big Ass Beers and beignets, king cake and kool-aid huckabucks, deep-fried pickles and dark-meat fried chicken on the bone.  Crawfish fat, ham fat, crab fat, belly fat….thankfully, my lovely Louisiana world is free of MeMeRothian food hatred.  And SUGAR itself grows in our fields!  Can I get an Amen!

On the other hand, she’s a publicist, so it is entirely possible that her strident tone is just a professional attention-getting strategy to attract clients in a down economy.

4 thoughts on “Stuff that couldn’t happen in Louisiana

  1. I feel really sorry for those kids. Certainly the other fifth graders at the culinary wasteland that is P.S. 9 taunt these children with daily jabs of candy, cupcakes, and sports drinks. This will likely lead to her children stashing junk food in their locker, eating in seclusion, and eventually hating their mother.

    • I hope the kids realize (very soon)that they don’t have to follow their mother’s dietary “law” when she’s not around. Or at least they sneak out to Zabar’s when mom’s not around and gorge themselves on triple-creme cheeses!

    • It’s also a way to suck every bit of joy out of an essential human activity….we all have to eat, why not find some art & pleasure in it?

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