DC interlude: Dolcezza gelato

P6060304In my ongoing quest to eat as much excellent gelato as humanly possible, I visited Dolcezza (1560 Wisconsin Ave NW, in Georgetown, DC), where I sampled impeccably fresh, brightly flavored, all-natural gelato.  Dolcezza’s artisanal products use local milk, fruit, and herbs; the tiny Georgetown shop offers a mix of traditional and innovative flavors.

I sampled pistachio di bronte, chocolate, campari & grapefruit, red papaya, lime/cilantro, and pineapple/mint.  My favorite:  the lime/cilantro.  It sparkled with a clear, distinct citrus essence, untainted by the bitterness of pith or extract.  The restrained, slightly mineral cilantro (tiny green bits, almost too small to see) balanced the gelato’s sugar and acidity.

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