El Amigo, Houma, LA

P5080180Tucked into a Houma strip mall catercorner from a Taco Bell, taqueria el Amigo has no printed menu, just a signboard on the wall. The usual list of tacos, gorditas, and tortas (filled with barbacoa, fajita, carnitas, etc.) extends to seafood.  My coctel de camarones contained several dozen plump, fresh shrimp, and the menu also offered ceviche, and grilled shrimp, as well as bistek ranchero. The tidy, bright-peachy-orange dining room is filled with alumnium tables/chairs and friendly service, and satellite TV delivers a steady stream of Mexican music videos.  During yesterday’s lunch, I heard the bouncing, duranguense version of Jambalaya by K Paz de la Sierra—it made me laugh out loud to hear the Hank Williams hit reconfigured as a love song. Houma’s Grand Caillou Road corridor now houses a Mexican western wear store, several money-transfer tiendas, and a couple of grocery stores.

2 thoughts on “El Amigo, Houma, LA

    • Gotta love those veracruz shrimp cocktails. Every time I eat one, I have the urge to “cajun” it up with some jumbo lump crabmeat.

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