Gelato Pazzo

p4210157Lunch at Gelato Pazzo is always a treat–and now you can justify it with an economic rationale.  GP is located at 8115 Oak Street, just off of Carrollton Avenue in uptown New Orleans.  The historic main street, long in need of resurfacing, is undergoing a massive months-long closure & rebuilding, all while the businesses lining the street attempt to stay in business (read the Times-Picayune’s coverage on the Oak Street closure here).  You’ll have to park and walk from Carrollton (just a block!  It’s not too hot to walk yet!), but do your patriotic duty and buy a gelato, sandwich,  or salad in the coming weeks.

p4210156My favorite panino is the PLT (pancetta, lettuce, tomato).  GP has daily lunch specials, and Wednesday is steak night.  Yes, steak night at an ice cream shop, but it’s an italian run-ice cream shop, so the steaks are delicious (fresh herbs, a squeeze of lemon, cracked pepper).

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