p3220103How have I missed Newman’s Ginger-Os until now?  Thanks to Rouse’s supermarket, this weekend I discovered my new favorite storebought cookie….two ginger-snappy cookies layered with creme filling.  Like an Oreo with an accent, or a grown-up duplex cream.  I hereby decree that all Oreo-centric recipes should be reformulated for Ginger-Os!  First up:  stirring smashed Ginger-Os into caramel ice cream for a cookies-n-cream worthy of all those calories.

4 thoughts on “Ginger-Os

  1. I went to the new Rouse’s in our area JUST to see if they had Ginger-O’s. Lady stocking the cookies looked at me like I was crazy. I want some!

    • I bought my Ginger-Os at the Rouse’s in Kenner on West Esplanade, over by the Academy Sporting Goods. Whole Foods (on Severn) also has Ginger-Os.

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