Ground turkey is cheaper than ground beef

p3060083So lay off the hamburgers and embrace the turkey burger–only treat it with some poultry respect, not just as a cheaper substitute for beef!  My latest turkey burger concoction:   grilled and served open-faced on gruyere toast, topped with sauteed baby portabellos and caramelized onions.  Easy, requires no measuring, minimal chopping/prep, and far more delicious than a plain ol’ cheeseburger.  The knife-and-fork burgers were paired with baby lettuces, toasted goat cheese rounds, and a cane syrup vinagrette (1 part vinegar, 3 parts oil, splash of cane syrup, and tiny bit of creole mustard).

I’m not a huge fan of premixed seasoning blends, but McCormick’s spicy Montreal steak seasoning really pairs well with turkey.  The blend contains sage, coriander, and a hint of dill, making it very poultry-friendly.  Sprinkle a little on hand-formed turkey patties before grilling, and you’ll never miss the beef.

3 thoughts on “Ground turkey is cheaper than ground beef

  1. Is turkey always cheaper, or was it on sale? I was shocked yesterday when at Rouse’s, boneless skinless chicken breasts were cheaper than bone-in skin-on thighs.

    • RE: turkey, it is usually cheaper than ground beef, but when gr beef is on sale, it’s a close call. In other parts of the country, gr turkey is significantly more expensive than gr beef. And grocery specials keep us all guessing about the relative cost of items: I bought a whole beef tenderloin at Winn Dixie this weekend for $7.99/lb–the same price as flank steak!

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