Tacos on the bayou

p2120022What makes an ordinary taqueria extraordinary?  When it’s in the middle of Golden Meadow, way down on Bayou Lafourche.  Louisiana’s biggest speed trap (30 mph or else) is now home to Taqueria Puebla, proof that the waves of Hispanic immigration to Louisiana aren’t receding any time soon.  TP offers tacos, tortas, and gorditas with a choice of fillings:  fajita, pastor chicharron, lengua, pollo, barbacoa, tripitas, chorizo, carnitas, cesina, and bistek.  A lunch buffet features chicken and pork tamales, menudo, stews, and beans & rice.  The proprietor, a former shipyard worker,  has lived on Bayou Lafourche for more than a dozen years.  He and his wife do the cooking; she makes fresh masa from scratch for the tamales, as well as delicious homemade chorizo.

p2120023Check out Taqueria Puebla on your next jaunt to Grand Isle:  the restaurant has satellite TV, shows soccer matches, and sells a small variety of Mexican candy and pastries.  Find it at 409 North Alex Plaisance (aka Hwy 3235), across the road from the DMV (so watch out for road-test drivers!); phone 985-475-6255.

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