Food at the Tet celebration in N.O. East


The Tet celebration at Mary Queen of Vietnam church in N.O. East proved to be delicious again this year.  The festival celebrating the Year of the Ox offered traditional viet dishes like pho, cha gio, spring rolls, bun, fish kebabs, congee, che bap, grilled corn, grilled meats, bahn mi, fried bananas….

p13100071New food items for 2009 included chicken & andouille gumbo, soft tacos with your choice of three homemade salsas, pozole, oysters on the half shell, and chargrilled oysters basted with nuoc cham.

Today, the party runs from noon to 10 pm.

5 thoughts on “Food at the Tet celebration in N.O. East

    • The oyster booth was tucked away in a back corner, so I didn’t see them until I’d eaten my fill of other things. They did smell delicious!

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