Another pathetic food photo from Wikipedia

Check out the terrible-looking gumbo photo at Wikipedia’s entry on gumbo: it’s so thick, it doesn’t even spread over the rice beneath it.  It has an evil, cornstarch-y shine.  What’s up with those three-bite shrimp big enough to choke a horse?  How on earth do you eat those shrimp with a soup spoon?  Sad, just sad.

9 thoughts on “Another pathetic food photo from Wikipedia

  1. At least they took the tails off. Bobby Flay made the mistake of making gumbo both with giant shrimp and leaving on the tails. How the hell do you eat that?

    Speaking of odd photos, ever looked at the cover of Tom Fitzmorris’ cookbook?

    • Bear: Oh, c’mon: that’s way too thick, even by New Orleans restaurant standards.
      Eddie: it does look like shrimp etouffee with sausage in it; but I still have never encountered four-bite shrimp in etouffee. Are you supposed to cut ’em up with a knife and fork before spooning into your mouth? Sigh…
      Frolic: haven’t seen the cover of the book; I’ll have to go looking for it. I can’t say that I pay much attention to Tom F these days. And why am I not surprised that Bobby Flay only considered the cliched appearance of a dish rather than the mechanics of eating it?

  2. Anyone catch Top Chef last night and Carla’s winning dish? It was a crawfish and andouille gumbo. Ok maybe that would work, but she only had twenty minutes to make it from scratch. I hate seeing classic Louisiana cooking packaged in under 30 minutes or less. I imagine Carla’s Gumbo Magic Seasoning Package will be hitting the stores soon. Ohh and she served the gumbo on top of grits.

    This brings to mind My Cousin Vinny, “Were dey Magic Grits?”

  3. Come on Rene, spoiler alert please. Even though you may have been at home tasting horizontal limoncello flights and yelling at Toby Young, some of us have lives and went to the Hornets game last night.

  4. Celeste, you don’t even want to know what the other contestant did with crawfish, and for Becky’s social climbing sake, and the constitution of all gathered here, I will not repeat it.

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