New favorite item

pc060576I admit it…I have a Le Creuset problem.  I can’t resist buying enameled, cast iron LC pots in shapes or colors not yet in my collection–but only on sale!  Pictured is my latest acquisition:  a three quart, wide, shallow pan that LC calls a “buffet casserole.”  I already have the 1.5 quart buffet casserole, which is perfect for oven use, as well as any stovetop braise or etouffee or stew….but it is too small to cook more than a few servings.

Thanks to a 35% off coupon and an already discounted outlet store price, this lovely pan in a color LC calls “dune” is now mine.  Corn beef, braised in the oven for 2.5 hours at 350 degrees, was tender and succulent.  The cast iron pan’s superior heat retention qualities shaved 25-30 minutes off of the cooking time, and the enameled surface made cleanup quite easy.  Still, eleven pans might just be my limit.

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