Uncle Bud’s fried peanuts

If you push past the Frito Lay racks and shelves of M&M/Mars candies, gas station/convenience stores are a wonderland of tasty regional treats.  This weekend at the Chevron station in Des Allemands, I discovered Uncle Bud’s Fried Peanuts, Cajun Flavor.  Yes, these peanuts are deep-fried, and you can eat them “Shell-n-All” (it says so right on the bag).  Shelled, the nuts don’t taste much different from standard roasted peanuts (not the dry-roasted kind, but the oil-roasted, bad-for-you cheap supermarket brand peanuts).  Surprisingly, the fried shells add a popcornlike flavor and crunch, though a tad gritty with a tendency to lodge between the teeth.

So what makes ’em cajun?  Always a good question, nest-pas?  Sadly, Uncle Bud’s is based in Chattanooga, TN, so geography is not on Bud’s side.  According to the label on the bag, “garlic, onion, black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, oregano, paprika, red and green bell peppers” provide the cajun flavor.

Thanks to those damn peanuts, I’ve had the Clifton Chenier version of “Uncle Bud” stuck in my head all weekend.

10 thoughts on “Uncle Bud’s fried peanuts

  1. I just ate my 1st Uncle Bud’s deep fried p’nuts and I was sooooo impressed that I plan to order some direct from Uncle Bud’s. They have Cajun, Salted, Garlic, and Hot flavored @ $2.29 a bag and free shipping if you order a case of 24 bags.

    • They’re pretty good, aren’t they? One note of caution: once stale, deep fried peanuts are truly awful…a cross between stale popcorn and cardboard box. So don’t order too many at once!

  2. I am going out of my mind trying to get Uncle Buds salted peanuts(not in shell) around town. Once you eat these peanuts you know there are no other peanuts as good.

  3. I just ordered my Uncle Bud’s deep fried peanuts from http://www.sendfloridacitrus.com . Found them online, apparently they do all kinds of citrus and baked goods ad gifts, but the Uncle Bud’s are listed under the “Florida Favorites” and “Deep Fried Peanuts” section of the site. Pricing the same as Uncle bud’s, and they allow you to order less than a full case and even have a sampler. The best thing I liked – fast shipping, plus they didn’t charge me for it! The site says free delivery on every item!

  4. Just got my first taste of the fired shellless hot UBs. HOT is right that is all you taste so bad they would have to improve to get to awful.
    The only two uses I could think for them is to send to your worst enemy or dramatically raise the consumption of beverages at a bar if this was your only snack. On second thought change that to one – if they were your only snack after two days all your patron would go elsewhere.

    • I haven’t seen the shellless Uncle Buds. Ultra-hot snacks are a pretty big niche market…just look at all the crazy-named hot sauces that fly off grocery shelves.

  5. My cousin told me about these, now I’m going nuts trying to find them here in Brunswick, GA. Please tell me if they’re sold here .
    I’m trying to get some before she arrives at the end of the month..


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