Grilled pizza

My forays into grilled pizza continue.  I put my pizza stone directly atop my gas grill and crank all of the jets to maximum output, then wait at least 45 minutes for the stone to get really warm.  Once the grill’s temp gauge reaches at least 400, I slide the prepped pizza onto the stone.  It cooks to perfection in just 10-12 minutes, and it’s best if you don’t peek at it (lifting the lid releases too much heat).

I’m still using up frozen dough (from a Peter Reinhart recipe, made with bread flour), and my shaping skills are improving a tiny bit.  This dough is so slack and sticky, the only way to achieve a remotely rounded crust is to liberally flour the dough ball, generously flour the counter, your hands, and the peel.  Now theoretically, all this extra flour is supposed to make the resulting crust less tender, but I can’t say that I’ve noticed any unpleasant chewiness.  The bread flour dough stretches quite thin; in fact, I had to be careful not to pull it too much, as paper-thin crust won’t stand up to toppings.  Any tiny tears will leak cheese & sauce, burning into an awful mess on the superheated stone.

Even the failed pizzas (slightly burned, holes in crust, ugly shapes, toppings fell off when transferred to the stone) are better than frozen pizza, and the successful ones are downright excellent.

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