Three cheers for the Breville Ikon!

count me a fan of the Breville Ikon

count me a fan of the Breville Ikon

After I broke Mr. Bouillie’s old espresso machine, he embarked on a quest for an upgraded model.  All of his pondering led to the Breville Ikon….though getting really good espresso requires a little modification.  Breville ships it with single-shot and double-shot pressurized portafilters.  Thanks to the folks at, he found a non-pressurized portafilter from Krups that fits the Ikon (Krups part #0907163, if you really care about these things). 

Even I can now pull a pretty good shot.  (Still aspiring to the greatness of Luigi at Bar del Cappucino, but he’s been at it for longer than I’ve been alive.)


If only beans from Sant’eustachio were sold at my supermarket….

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